Star Witness for 2004 Election Fraud Case Dies in Plane Crash

I posted this on MySpace and Facebook, and I'm hoping this story will catch on and people will learn about it. I'm no conspiracy nut, and in fact I'm incorrigibly defiant against outrageous claims about conspiracies that aren't substantiated by provable facts.

But this here is messed up. And I keep watching the news on TV to see if any networks are reporting it, but so far they're completely quiet about it.

Considering that there is currently an official investigation looking into possible foul play, and considering that the deceased pilot Mike Connell was the most knowledgeable possible witness in the case about 2004 election fraud in Ohio, it's my opinion that this is the most important news story in America right now.

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CBS/​AP)​ Feder​al inves​tigat​ors are looki​ng into a small​ plane​ crash​ in Ohio which​ claim​ed the life of its pilot​,​ a Repub​lican​ media​ consu​ltant​ who was instr​ument​al in the presi​denti​al and guber​nator​ial campa​igns of three​ membe​rs of the Bush Famil​y.​

Micha​el Conne​ll,​45,​ of Akron​ died Frida​y when his plane​ crash​ed near a vacan​t house​ in Union​town while​ attem​pting​ to land at nearb​y Akron​-​Canto​n Airpo​rt.​

But the fatal​ accid​ent is also raisi​ng quest​ions about​ Conne​ll and his work for key polit​ical figur​es and lobby​ists,​ which​ has targe​ted him in inves​tigat​ions over missi​ng White​ House​ e-​mails​ and a lawsu​it alleg​ing elect​ronic​ votin​g fraud​.​

Follo​wing Last Frida​y'​s fatal​ accid​ent,​ CBS Affil​iate WOIO repor​ted that Conne​ll,​ who had recen​tly been subpo​enaed​ to testi​fy in relat​ion to a lawsu​it alleg​ing vote riggi​ng in the 2004 Ohio elect​ion,​ was warne​d at least​ twice​ about​ flyin​g his plane​ becau​se his plane​ might​ be sabot​aged.​

Quoti​ng an anony​mous close​ frien​d of Conne​ll'​s,​ WOIO corre​spond​ent Blake​ Chena​ult also repor​ted that twice​ in the past two month​s Conne​ll,​ who was an exper​ience​d pilot​,​ cance​led fligh​ts becau​se of suspi​cious​ probl​ems with his plane​.​

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I was listening to Obama's press conference today on KUT radio. I cracked up at this one answer Obama gave to a reporter. It's the last line of this excerpt. I thought for a second about how strange it felt to laugh with a president, rather than at him.

Q: Mr. President-elect...

OBAMA: What happened to your arm, Lynn?

Q: I cracked my shoulder running to your speech on election night.

OBAMA: Oh, no.


Q: (inaudible)

OBAMA: I think that was the only major incident during the, the entire Grant Park celebration.

Q: Thank you for asking. Here's my question. I'm wondering what you're doing to get ready. Have you spoken to any living ex-presidents, what books you might be reading?
Everyone wants to know, what kind of dog are you going to buy for your girls? Have you decided on a private or public school for your daughters?

OBAMA: Let... let me list those off.
In terms of speaking to former presidents, I've spoken to all of them that are living. Obviously, President Clinton... (laughter) I didn't want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances.

prov on the quee

At the old Christian church across the street from the Church of Scientology on the drag, the marquee says simply, IMPROV. I wonder what it means.

comedy movies

Pineapple Express I thought was pretty good, and Tropic Thunder is very funny. Some day this week I'm going to see Step Brothers. I hope I find some time soon to see Hamlet 2, especially since I'm a big Steve Coogan fan. His 1997 British TV show "I'm Alan Partridge" is one of the funniest things ever. And speaking of sequels, I want to rent Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.

There are some non-comedies, too, that I wanna see. That Roman Polanski documentary. Not by him-- about him. I think it's called Wanted and Desired. And that movie about the World Trade Center tightrope walker. I want to see Vicky Christina Barcelona, which is probably a comedy, and the other Penelope Cruz movie, Elegy, which is probably not a comedy. Finally, I want to see a French film in the theaters, namely Tell No One, because it looks good and I love French movies and I haven't seen one in a theatre this year.

There's no way I'll see more than one or two of the above films until after a whole new batch of good movies comes out, including Burn After Reading and Bangkok Dangerous.

peanut butter egg dirt

Watching Scrubs has never caused me to chuckle until a few minutes ago. A scene was in slow motion while the soundtrack to Koyaanisqatsi was playing. I'm a sucker for Koyaanisqatsi jokes. Curiously enough, a minute or two later in the episode, Braff started talking about improv.